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Blimey Volunteers are quick!

Things are still busy down at Nantwich Buddies HQ, this week we've been helping Cheshire East Council (CEC) with sorting the generous public donations for our new Afghan Refugee Families in the area.

Volunteers from Nantwich Buddies and other local community groups were contacted by Cheshire East to help sort and store items for Afghan refugees.

The Buddies found themselves facing a mountain of donated goods, awaiting sorting and bagging when they turned out to help with the CEC Afghanistan Appeal.

Undeterred by the task ahead, the volunteers worked through three, four-hour shifts across two days and with the help of volunteers from Healthwatch, the once daunting task became a very satisfying one.

Julie Massen one of the Nantwich Buddies who helped with the donations commented;

“It’s been great to meet and work with other volunteers and groups and to find out about how CEC is supporting the Afghanistan refugees. I am sure that the Buddies will be called upon again by CEC to continue their work; assisting these families”.

How amazing is it that our community has been helping not only the people of Nantwich but people from across the other side of the world too?

Our Buddies motto is... "A friendly face, a helping hand" I also think we should include... "Let's get on and do it!" as Buddies AND other local volunteers were quick to help out at short notice. Debs at Cheshire East was able to put teams together to help quickly sort the amazing donations received.

And as Sara, our other Buddies Co-ordinator said 'Blimey volunteers are quick!"

Nantwich Buddies Jan, Mary and Julie helping out at the 7-11 am shift this week with other local volunteers

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