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It’s a Boost to be Back!

Nantwich Buddies are back supporting the vaccination programme at Nantwich Civic Hall and with vaccination clinics every Monday and Tuesday, it’s been all systems go since the beginning of October.

For the 25 buddies supporting the NHS staff at the clinics, it’s good to be back! Of course, people are now having their booster jabs rather than their initial vaccinations but it’s still rewarding and really encouraging to see so many people coming along.

We’re doing the same tasks as before: car park marshalling, temperature checking, queue management and making sure people sit for 15 minutes before they leave!

Nantwich Buddy Sharon says:

“I really enjoy supporting the vaccination clinics, people seem very keen to come and get their boosters which I’m really pleased about. Having had a nasty bout of Covid recently, it’s so important that people protect themselves as much as they can against this nasty virus. It’s also really good to see other buddies at the clinics and we do get a chance to catch up during the quiet spells!”

We are always looking for more help in supporting these clinics so if you’d like to help out – please get in touch.

You can call the Buddies on 01270 440750 or email us at

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Unknown member
Oct 26, 2021

Angels in Pink, doing a fantastic job.

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