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Thank you, Nantwich Buddies, For Caring

Nantwich Buddies have been supporting Judith for the last eighteen months. Read her story below.....

I was asked recently how I had been introduced to the Nantwich Buddies. "From the police" I replied. I moved to the area a little over 18 months ago and suffered the house move from hell. If it could go wrong, it did! I had no mobile reception, no landline, no WiFi and when I did not arrive at my new address when expected, my friends thought I had gone missing and called the police.

They told me about Nantwich Buddies, I should call them my Angels. My furniture, boxes and belongings had been dumped in any space the removal men could find, including the garden shed. My Buddy Angels moved things to where they should have been placed and helped to unpack boxes, putting my belongings away - I will add at this stage that I am severely disabled and not just bone idle.

Then came problems over my Covid vaccinations. My "vulnerable status" did not follow me to my new authority and in spite of numerous circular phone calls I could not get my first vaccination sorted. Angel Buddy to the rescue with a phone call to a relevant person in the know and my appointment appeared like magic. Not only that, I was then taken to and from all my jab appointments.

Buddies have done shopping when needed, put up shelves and pictures in my home, taken me to see my poorly father, taken me and my dog to the vets, even chopped vegetables. All the things I have been unable to do for myself.

Now we have our Wednesday coffee mornings. When you are unable to leave home without assistance, regular occasions like this are an invaluable mainpin of the week. Just having someone else make the drinks and serve the biscuits is a luxury but mostly the opportunity to be with others and chat, smile and share an anecdote is, in my humble opinion, far better than anything the NHS has offered me.

Thank you, Nantwich Buddies, for caring.

Judith Thompson

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