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We are sometimes the only faces our clients see on a weekly basis

With the ever-growing uncertainty surrounding ‘Lockdown’ in March 2020, no one really knew what lay ahead for families, workers, the elderly and for many of us! We all had to quickly adapt to a temporary ‘new normal.’

With such rapid changes required, my partner and I couldn’t fathom how it could all come together overnight, and we started to think of how we could help our local community. So we decided to make some leaflets and posted these to around 300 houses, offering help with medication collections, shopping, doorstep talks, anything we could do, we wanted to do it.

Within days we had a vast amount of calls for help and we were more than happy that we could assist anyone that needed it. For months we continued supporting where we could and then we found the wonderful voluntary group of Nantwich Buddies!

When we joined the Buddies we were allocated some clients, but to us, they are so much more. It makes me smile to know we’ve made some friends for life!

With both of us working full time it can be challenging, and Buddies has been great with the offer of additional help with the people we are Buddies with! It has really put things into perspective, that we are sometimes the only faces our clients see on a weekly basis.

It’s a great feeling to know there are so many people out there in our wonderful community, with lots of heartfelt spirits and willingness to help each other and enjoy it! We will continue to assist with Nantwich Buddies to the best of our ability for the foreseeable!

We are proud to help and get a great sense of achievement when we've helped others in the community. At first, it was just a few hours of help here and there, now we greatly look forward to each of our weekly check-ins with what we then called clients, to now what we call friends.

With current measures and restrictions easing, it would be great to see our clients regain their independence and get back to our new way of life. Although we may not be doing their weekly shops or collections for much longer, we will certainly be keeping in touch with all of them.

Kelly Newton

Kelly and her partner Laurie

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