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'Community Stage' successfully launches in Nantwich

The Nantwich buddies are over the moon at the launch of their 'Community Stage' the past few weeks.

Presenting every Sunday at The Granary Arts Cafe between 6-9pm, Community Stage welcomes budding artists to build their confidence and perform for the local community. Be it a writer, singer, artist, musician, poet, comedian...whichever field your passion lies, the evening aims to assist building belief in yourself whilst in a safe and uplifting atmosphere.

Between 6pm-7pm is more informal and a chance to get to know your fellow artistic town folk. As word spreads there will be specific confidence building workshops held at this time also. Then from 7pm-9pm the stage will be open for you to share your talent with the community. Fellow art lovers who just want to watch are encouraged to attend and cheer on the vast array of talent too.

Benjamin Stubbs is running the evenings and performing isn't new to him, performing in many musicals at the Crewe Lyceum, Wizard of Oz, Hairspray and Grease to name a few. He also is a Mindset Coach facilitating workshops including working with the Buddies on their 'Happy Appy' and after the past few weeks he can't be happier with how it's started;

We just wanted to make a safe place for anyone who wanted to push themselves and showcase their talent, and hopefully we have got just that. It's so satisfying to have someone come one week just to 'watch' and then next week bring their instrument and play. To see their faces when they have performed makes it all worthwhile. New friends have already been made and it does feel like a community is building”.

'Community Stage' runs every Sunday at the Granary Arts Cafe in Nantwich. To book your place - performer or spectator - then click HERE. To keep up with the latest news, pictures and videos then follow their Instagram too.

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