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"Your Organisation is Invaluable"

David has lived in central Nantwich for most of his life. He contacted Nantwich Buddies in Winter 2022 for help with medical trips as his health is failing and he's no longer able to drive.

We provided help with transport throughout 2023 and are gradually doing more and more trips. This often involves collecting his regular prescriptions which have included medication in short supply. On one trip a buddy tried 4 different pharmacies in Nantwich!


David is hoping to move house soon and Nantwich Buddies have helped with trips to his new accommodation and for meetings elsewhere linked with the move. He is not physically able to pack or sort out the belongings of another family member who used to live with him so two buddies, Tanya and Alan, have been visiting him regularly during January to help clear the house, pack and dispose of bags to the tip, the Foodbank or charity shops as necessary. 


We will continue to help David until the house is ready for moving and will then help him unpack and help with small odd jobs around his new home.


David says “Thank you to you and all your team at Nantwich Buddies for all the help and support and kindness you have shown me. Your organisation [Nantwich Buddies] is invaluable for vulnerable older people in need of support. I look forward to continuing our association well into the future and thank you so much again”.


One of the buddies helping David pack is Tanya – they worked together in Nantwich almost 50 years ago and haven’t seen each other since – what a wonderful connection! They can be seen together in the photo.

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