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Help our town get back on its feet

Nantwich Buddies are recruiting for our Street Ambassadors roles, which will start again when our town reopens next week.

Street Ambassadors are simply a welcoming face to Nantwich and will be asked to walk around town initially on a Thursday or Saturday (market days) from 10-1 pm to help people with directions, give out Buddies leaflets to people who may need our services and generally be a moving information point for visitors.

Liz, founder and creator of the Buddies told us about her experience of being a Street Ambassador and why the Buddies have set up this role to help our town's community.

"During a typical Ambassador duty before lockdown, I sat with a lady who fell over whilst we waited for an ambulance and helped a lady in her 80's take her first step into a shop because I could see that she was visibly nervous about going in.

It turned lit she had not left the house for 6 months and had fears of picking up items from the shelves in savers... this led me to realise that this kind of fear is real. We've also suggested to our Buddies that they might want to take their clients shopping after restrictions ease to help get them back into the swing of things."

Our first shift will be on Saturday the 17th of April when our town will be re-opening and Liz will be doing her bit on the day if you would like to join her and the other Buddies in town.

There is a real need for us to help people in our community to get back into the swing of things. So if you'd like to be a Street Ambassador, Please fill out our Buddies Registration form if you would like to help, and if you have any questions about the Buddies and the Street Amabassdors email us at

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