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I will never forget the experience as it illustrated perfectly the true meaning of community spirit

Tanya reflects in more detail on her part in the vaccination programme.

I've been privileged to be a volunteer with Nantwich Buddies, helping with the vaccination rollout at Nantwich Civic Hall.

It all began in the depths of winter when it was freezing cold and dark at 3.30 pm. Initially, we volunteers were on car park duties, directing traffic and helping older people to navigate their way through the tunnel loaned by M&S and which we named "The Tunnel of Love."

During Winter, Tanya and the other Buddies wrapped up warm to help with the Vaccinations at Nantwich Civic Hall

I found it a very humbling experience as many of the people had been shielding and hadn't been out in public since March 2020. It felt so emotional when we saw them meeting up with old friends and neighbours and when they gave us the "Sir Tom" thumbs up when they had received the vaccine.

As the weather improved in February and we only had hail and sleet to deal with, we volunteers were trusted with checking temperatures and sanitising chairs. One day, on chair duty, it felt like I was facing a class on school detention, having to wait their 15 minutes after the jab.

There was one day, which was especially emotional. An older man who had just finished his detention shouted in a loud authoritative voice:

"Attention, attention, I just want to say thank you to all the NHS staff and volunteers, I am so very grateful for this vaccination."

There was a round of applause and much holding back of tears!

When it came to second jabs and some sunny weather, at last, people were in a party mood and asked if the Civic Hall bar could be opened in celebration! Unfortunately, that wasn't allowed but it demonstrated the mood and a real sense of achievement for the vaccination rollout.

I have honestly met some amazing people as a volunteer -fellow volunteers, NHS staff and, of course, the wonderful people who braved the weather and conquered their fears to receive their jabs. I will never forget the experience as it illustrated perfectly the true meaning of community spirit and what can be achieved when people come together for a common goal.

Hear first hand from Tanya about her experience as a volunteer for the Nantwich Buddies

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