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Join our Happiness Hub Community Group

YES it's NEARLY here! We're starting our weekly Happiness Hub community group on Tuesday the 28th of September at 8 pm at The Granary Arts Cafe.

Massive thanks to Nantwich Town Council for supporting and helping us make this a reality, as it's something we've been talking about on the Happiness Hub podcast since we started recording in October last year. (Blimey nearly one year ago!)

We're really excited (me more than most) to be hosting the weekly meetings every Tuesday night at the local vegan cafe The Granary Arts Cafe off Welsh Row in Nantwich. Liz, Sara and I went down to the cafe last week to meet owner Derice to discuss logistics and were amazed at how much goes on at the cafe already. So if you've not paid the cafe a visit, pop down to support the local cafe or better yet come along to our first Happiness Hub Group and become a founding member!

Liz and I along with many of the Buddies have discussed the idea of the Happiness Hub Group. We want it to be a friendly and welcoming place for people to meet, find out about events and activities in the town and learn about ways to improve happiness and well-being.

We know first-hand that being a part of any community group is great for your mental health in itself. Volunteers at Nantwich Buddies often tell us that becoming a Buddy during lockdown gave them a sense of purpose and helped boost their self-esteem amongst lots of other great things.

So we wanted to run a face to face community group that will also do just that, and help people live happier and more meaningful lives. We’d love for people to come along, relax, have a chat and meet people in an informal setting, and get as involved in the group as much as they feel comfortable with.

We very much want it to be community-led and welcome ideas from all, we’ve already had suggestions to run a monthly book club and walking group, but keen to liaise and signpost to existing community groups in the town too, as we know Tuesday nights are not suitable for everyone. (And I've heard rumours of a Nantwich Book Club already from one of our Buddies).

We'll be running Happiness Hub every Tuesday from the 28th of September between 8 - 9:30 pm at The Granary Arts Cafe where you can purchase a warm drink and something sweet (vegan of course) and have a chat and meet people in an informal setting.

Each month we'll have a Happiness and Wellbeing theme introduced by myself and the other Happiness Hub Host's on the first meeting of each month, and sometimes with a guest speaker. Then on the third Tuesday of each month, we'll run fun and interactive activities based on the monthly theme.

If you would like to know more about the Happiness Hub, have any questions or would like to be a guest speaker, you can give me a call (Keds) on 07702 174 155 or email us at

And if you’d like to attend the first group starting on Tuesday the 28th of September your any future groups you can register on the link below.

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